Blue-chip stocks a viable investment option

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IF you are thinking of building wealth amid mixed economic signals and market volatility, investing in blue-chip stocks may be an option.

It is normal to be nervous and there is a need to weigh the possibilities of a recession or even a stagflation environment before investing.

Timing is indeed a factor when investing in stocks and experts would say stock market downturns are actually opportunities to invest to increase wealth over time.

“Now is always the ‘best’ time to invest, for most people, because of the time value of money. Centuries of asset price data have shown that time ‘in’ the market, which each of us can control through discipline, is more important than trying to time the market, which no one can do consistently well.

“For most people, I would say it makes sense to invest now and to stay invested through good and bad times,’’ said Manulife Investment Management (M) Bhd’s licensed financial planner Rajen Devadason

Warren Buffett is one of the many investors globally who invests during downturns. To him “bear markets are the best time and opportunity to buy good companies at reasonable prices.’’

During the Asian financial crisis in 1997 and 1998, Anna (not her real name) dumped RM80,000 of her savings into several blue-chip stocks.

She did not bother looking at it for several years. Nearly a decade later, her investment paid off as it was worth RM800,000.


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There are many others who have gained by investing during bear markets in blue chips but it requires a buy-and-hold strategy and perseverance till markets turn around.

Is this the right time to invest in blue-chips stocks?

“The market now is generally down which makes it a good opportunity to invest but not limited to only blue-chips,’’ said IPPFA Sdn Bhd licensed financial planner Kimberly Law.

She said blue-chips are generally stable.

“It is for you to buy to hold and not trade frequently. But a lot depends on an investor’s profile such as risk appetite, time horizon and objectives and goals,” she said.

Devadason added, “As with all things in life, when we are faced with the choice of buying goods or services of lousy quality or great quality, it is wiser – and cheaper over the long haul – to opt for higher quality items.

“This is especially true in the realm of investing. As such, owning high quality equities, also known as blue-chip stocks, is wise.’’

Which blue-chip stocks will give you higher returns?

Going by Buffett’s philosophy, a report said, it is to “identify fundamental value in a company’s long-run competitive advantage, along with several other criteria.’’

There are a large number of blue-chip stocks listed on Bursa Malaysia and other global stock markets. It is about identifying the “bluest of the blue’’ to invest in and for that you need to do some homework.

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